Getting Started

Our Pre-Karl Program is our primary entry point into our Viking Martial Arts school. It's a 9 week intense program that focuses on the fundamentals and prepares you for the Karl exam (taken on last day). We currently offer this program once every two months.

You will learn Viking Martial Arts using the sword and shield in a fun, engaging and welcoming environment. There is one 60 minute class each week for the first 8 weeks. On the 9th week is the 3 hour Karl Rank Exam.

Students of this program can expect to learn:

  • Proper body and weapon mechanics
  • How to manage distance
  • Control over yourself and your weapon
  • Basic attacking and defending skills


If you pass the Karl exam on the 9th week you will earn the rank of Karl. Karls were the freemen and land owners of the Vikings. Attaining the rank of Karl means:

  • You are one of the Ásfólk (warriors of Odin)
  • You have demonstrated control of your self and your weapon
  • You are ready to focus your training on fighting
  • You are entitled to sign up for regular classes to improve your skills and learn additional weapons


Ásfólk's Viking martial arts program is focused on training students how to use historically accurate weapons, armor and other equipment from the Viking Age. This means students are training toward, and will eventually use, sharp steel weapons in combat; but it takes time, practice and determination to get there. Our program follows a ranking system. Ranks allow a student to set goals, understand their progress, and learn new skills in a structured and efficient fashion. Progression through ranks is done through public examination. The Karl Program is your first step in this journey.

Missing a Class: If you miss a class you can easily make it up during any of our regular classes or during other Pre-Karl classes (i.e. if you're signed up for the Saturday Pre-Karl you can come to a Thursday Pre-Karl). But you must workout the specific day / time with your instructor.

Extra Practice: In order to pass the exam on the last day, many students will require more practice than what they get during class. Students are able to come in during regular classes or the other Pre-Karl classes to practice while enrolled in the program. There is no additional cost to do so.

The cost of the Karl Program includes the 8 classes and the fee for the Karl Exam. It costs $195 for adults and teens.