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COVID-19 INFO - Classes Restart September 3rd

New shields are being made and sealant applied to wooden weapons so the equipment is easily sanitized.

At this time, only the Viking martial arts classes and equipment are available. Use of the crafting tools, throwing axes, etc are prohibited.

Payments for pre-Karl programs or monthly memberships must be made via cash, venmo or paypal. Registrations will be handled through email - send an email to info@asfolk.com.

Our membership and pre-Karl program costs have increased. I have always run Asfolk at a financial loss... and will continue doing so. But complying with COVID-19 requirements and financial impacts I've suffered due to COVID-19 are making things more expensive. The increase in pricing is to limit how much money I lose every month.

SAFETY RULES FOR COVID-19 (partial list)

  • You MUST wear a mask when entering Asfolk and while in the front desk / visitor area
  • Masks are OPTIONAL when you are on the mats AND participating in a class
  • Everything past the mats (axe throwing area, equipment, etc) is off limits to students
  • Number of people active on the mats will be limited
  • Rules for social distancing will be enforced when off the mats
  • Rules for social distancing will be enforced for all non-partner work when on the mats (although this isn't really new... since you're swinging swords around)
  • Most of our wood benches and tables will be put away
  • Plastic tables and folding chairs will be used for seating in the visitor area; chairs will be spaced 6' apart
  • Students are to sanitize equipment during class if they switch equipment
  • Instructor will sanitize all equipment, chairs and tables after each class

Upcoming Pre-Karl Program

PRE-Karl Program  (Adults & Teens)
Saturday's at 6pm
Starts on Saturday, September 12th
Primary entry point into our Viking Martial Arts school. 9 week program on fundamentals prepares you for the Karl exam (taken on last day). To register for the class, send an email to info@asfolk.com. Cost for the program is $250. You can learn more about the program [here].


Regular Classes - Monthly Membership

Available only to students who have completed the pre-Karl program.
Classes restart Thursday, September 3rd.
Membership is $100 per month and enables you to attend as many classes as you'd like during the month. I will initially offer the below weekly classes and will add more as membership levels come back up. To register for regular classes / membership, send an email to info@asfolk.com.

  • Thursday's from 6pm to 7pm, optionally until 7:30pm
  • Saturday's from 4pm to 5pm, optionally until 5:30pm