Summer Camp

Ásfólk Summer Camp - SOLD OUT

August 14-18, 9am to 4pm: $450
Ages 7-12

Join us at Ásfólk’s longhouse and become a Viking for the week. At Ásfólk’s Summer Camp you will:
• Learn about Viking history and culture
• Earn and spend Viking silver pieces
• Play Viking games
• Make authentic artifacts using historical tools and techniques
• Learn how to fight like a Viking
• Take the Karl exam & earn your tunic pin

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Viking History & Culture
• Learn Viking history & culture
• Learn to read & write runes
• Learn some of the Viking sagas

Earn & Spend Viking Silver Pieces
• Earn while you learn
• Spend your silver on cool stuff!

Earn & Spend
Games - Narrower

Play Viking Games
• Sports games
• Board games

Make authentic artifacts
• Historical tools and techniques
• Leather pouch board game
• Design & cast your own jewelry
• Make a runestone
• Forge your own shield boss
• Make an authentic plank shield

Crafts - Narrower
Shield Wall - Narrower

Learn how to fight like a Viking
• Body and weapon mechanics
• How to manage distance
• Control over self and weapon
• Basic attack and defend
• Use shields
• Use swords
• Use spears
• Use axes
• Wear helmet and chain mail
• Shield walls
• Archery
• Throwing (axes, javelins)

Martial Arts - Narrower

Take the Karl Exam
Take the Karl exam on the last day with parents in attendance. If you pass, you earn the rank of Karl. Karls were the freemen and land owners of the Vikings. Attaining the rank of Karl means:
• You are one of the Ásfólk (warriors of Odin)
• You receive your hand forged tunic pin for the rank of Karl
• You have demonstrated control of your self and your weapon
• You are ready to focus your training on fighting
• You are entitled to sign up for regular classes

Already a Karl? Existing Karl students will practice leadership skills as they assist in training others. They will also learn and practice Karl ranked material.

Karl Exam