Child Ticket – Child Shield B – Fri, Jan 6


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FREE CLASS: This is a free class. The $5 is to hold your spot for the class. If you show up to the class you will be refunded the $5. This particular class is limited to 8 people. You can always just show up and hope there is space for you (in which case it’s first come first serve).


B Class – These classes focus on the Dimicator methodology and cover different material than A classes


The Viking shield was the primary and most important weapon in the Viking arsenal. They are light, fast and mobile. They are great defensive AND offensive weapons and in conjunction with an exploiting weapon (sword, axe, spear, etc) they make a deadly combination.

This class focuses on shield use: the basics, attacking & defending and several techniques. The emphasis of instruction depends on your rank but it will cover material from across the ranking system. There may be some weapon use but the focus of this class is to concentrate on shield principles and techniques. No experience is necessary and all needed equipment is provided.

At some point during class we may split students up based on skill level / prior classes taken.

NOTE: This event requires the purchase of a ticket and space is limited. You can buy a ticket at the door but it’s possible the class will already be full.

Please arrive 15 minutes early. You should wear loose clothing and athletic footgear. Working on the mats requires special shoes or you can always use socks / go barefoot.

Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver and photo release prior to training.


PLEASE NOTE: A parent or legal guardian must sign a liability waiver and photo release for you prior to you being allowed to train. If they will not be coming to the class with you they can sign it ahead of time. Send an email to to request copies of the forms.